The end is near!

Now that I’ve completed my indexing and blogs I feel like I can finally conclude this semester… pending final grades of course! It’s been a fun semester in LS 566 Metadata and I’m glad that I get to go out of SLIS on the note of such an awesome class. I’m proud to be a metadata minion!

I hope to see/meet some of my fellow minions at graduation on Saturday!



My last order of business for LS 566 is completing my VRA Screencast. I didn’t anticipate how awkward and breathy my voice would sound on the recording, but I hope this brief screencast proves useful for all you who might be needing to use/discuss the VRA in the future!

1975 Alabama vs. Clemson Game

One Alabama game that I definitely missed out on was the 1975 season Alabama vs. Clemson game. I didn’t get to see it because I was still around -12 years away from being born! It was a great game for those who did get to see it, though. The game took place September 20, 1975 at Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The result of the game was a shutout with Alabama scoring 8 touchdowns and a winning final score of 56-0.

2010 BCS Championship Game

In an effort to be a better football image indexer, I did a little research on the games that my images came from. I had five images from the BCS Championship game for the 2009 Alabama football season. The championship game took place on January 7, 2010 at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. The game featured the Texas Longhorns vs. the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both teams were coming into the Championship game with undefeated 2009 seasons. I was a senior in high school during this game and remember watching it with my family.

Indexing Done!

I’ve been blogging a lot today about the process that I went through while completing this indexing project, but it’s mostly just a recap of what I’ve been doing the past two days. I’m happy to say that I completed all of my image indexing last night as of midnight! I emailed Dr. MacCall that I was done and ready for grading late last night while he was probably asleep, but I’m unfortunately a crazy grad student that never sleeps! I hope you understand and forgive me Dr. MacCall!

It’s good to be finished, though, and I must admit that I enjoyed indexing images for my final metadata project. This is a very practical, yet fun, project that gives valuable experience in metadata and image indexing.

The struggles of being football illiterate

I enjoy watching football, I really do. However, while completing the football image indexing project, I realized that I know nothing useful about football. My lack of knowledge proved to be especially unhelpful while I was trying to come up with titles and descriptions for these images. I got pretty creative with some of my titles such as “Calvin Culliver (Fullback, Alabama) runs the ball past Mike Cornell (Defensive Back, Clemson) 1975.” That one is definitely not my most creative work, but I do the best I can! I got some football advice from various informed football fans to help flesh out some of my titles!

Shout out to my brother

I’d like to give a shoutout to my brother Philip for loaning me his HP laptop for five minutes so I could finish “creator” and “Date modified” elements. He made my life just a little bit easier and helped me to finish the indexing project in a timely manner. Thanks Phil! You’ve helped me get one step closer to graduating!

Get it together, Mac!

I absolutely love my macbook, but sometimes you just need a PC. Some minor annoyances I ran into while indexing my images these last two days were the absence of finding the “author” of an image in the encrypted image data. Mac’s preview gave me a lot of good image specs, but “author” was just not one of them.

Another element that was nowhere to be found on my encrypted metadata was the “date modified” element. It would say for every image I opened in preview that the element was modified on May 3, 2016 which is just not true! I ended up just skipping over these elements until I had access to a PC the next day.

Last five images indexed! (for the most part)

Last night I finished indexing my last five images for the most part. I still have some editing to do before they’re ready to go though. Once again I am thankful for the help of repetition as many of these images have nearly identical elements. I’ve also learned during this indexing whirlwind how thankful I am for drop down menus. They’ve made the process so much easier!

Indexing first five images

On Tuesday night I uploaded all of my images to Omeka and officially got a late start on my indexing (I know… big surprise). I also completed a rough draft of my first five images. I decided to break the indexing up into two rounds because it seemed easier to focus on my 1975 images first and because most of the elements would remain the same for those five images. It was interesting getting started on Omeka, but I was thrilled to see a system for metadata entry that was so user friendly!